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Musée Benoist Maison de la ForêtLe Musée Benoist Maison de la Forêt is etablished in the house of Marie Benoist (it was built in XVII century). Miss Benoist gave her house to the city in order to create a museum. These 400m² on two floor (only the ground is suitable for persons with a mobility impairment) make you discover the natural and cultural heritages of the Gavre’s forest.The museum is playful and suitable for kids (from 3 years old). Our structure is a member of  OHLAL.A Quelle Aventure!!! (Quality label to offer to your family a fun moment to share) 


La Maison de la Forêt is not entirely suitable for persons with a mobility impairment. Please follow this item Accès PMR

Museum informations 
Accès PMR Salle vidéo : this space introduce you to the Gavre forest by a movie (5 minutes to discover fauna, forest by night, seasons…). A mural painting will present you the birds variety. (informations on each species are accessibles). The « Educational Tree »reminds us that a same tree can provide shelter for a lot of animals (in its roots,on the ground or its trunk…). Some drawers can give you  more informations about forest.  
     Salle sens : Let’s your senses talk in that room ! forest smell, animal sounds, the sense of touch and sight (with colors and trees or birds silhouettes…) A room full of fun to go into the forest atmosphere!
Accès PMR Salle faune:In this room, the biggest forest animals (stuffed animals) are presented and you could learn how to recognize their footprints. A terminal will allow you to test your knowledges (quiz, animal sounds…) and an entertaining terminal will increase the fun with puzzles and other games.    
   Accès PMR  Salle flore et forêts du monde : Let’s discover here the forestry plants wall or touch fruits, leaves, bark of 3 different trees. This room is also made to understand how a forest life is linked to the climate and every kind of forest worldwide has her own inhabitants. An entertaining terminal is here to test your knowledges!
Accès PMR Salle bois : The Forests National Office (ONF) manage the Gâvre forest. This room will give you information about the different methods of forest management and forestry but also (thanks to a explanatory terminal) about the wood in general. Entertaining terminal for kids will help them to understand the different forest growth steps and how lives a tree.   
  Salle histoire de la forêt : In the Gâvre forest there are several archéological sites that testified of forest natural resources interest through ages. This room will tell you about prehistoric times (The Pilier megalithic alignment, the axe collection), Celtic history (explanatory terminal of the nature matters in their culture), the old Gâvre castle (medieval times), the woods used to built the Colbert boats until the 2nd war. A “time bubble” will show you how mankind managed to live with nature (landscape evolution for agriculture, gardening …)
Salle chambre de Marie Benoist : Marie Benoist decided to give her house to the city in order to make discover to people traditions and local culture (headress…). In that room you will learn about her life (with the help of a soundtrack) and her way of life with the nineteenth century house reconstitution.In a corner of that room, a space “legends and tails” will enable your kids to read books (tails, animals, forest…) but also to listen the soundtrack of Little Red Riding Hood or Little thumb.  
  Cuisine de Marie Benoist : You enter now in a nineteenth century typical kitchen. You will discover here ancient tools that haven’t actually changed nowadays (press, stroller…).Marie Benoist uncle’s objects will make you travel to Asia and an explanatory terminal is here to go deeper in that story if you want. A table with puzzle games are also in that room to entertain the kids!Please, do not touch the ancient objects.
 Salle des vieux métiers : 

Le Gâvre creation is link to the forest which attracted a lot of craftmen. This room presents some of those jobs that sometimes even took place into the woods. Explanatory terminals will make you discover some of them and a computer will allow you to develop your knowledge farther. Clog maker, cooper coalmen…Will no longer have any secrets for you!

THE MUSEUM IS OPENED FROM 07/01/2018 TO 09/15/2018 included. 
Outside school holidays Sundays from 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm
 Summer holidays (7/01 au 9/15)   Every day excepted monday, from 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm excetpt

Time to visit : nearly 1 hour. Last visit accepted at 5:30 pm

Prices for a self-guided tour

Prices (per personne) Self guided tour
Single Group (>10pers)
 Adult  4 €  3 €
 Children (under 6 ) FREE
 Children (6 to 17) / Unemployed/ Invalid (the museum is note entirely suitable for persons with a mobility impairment)  2,50€  2 €
 Prices partners : Carte CEZAM, Passeport Vacances Gites de France… 3 €/ Adult & 2 €/ Children
 MBMF Member  FREE
ACCEPTED MEANS OF PAYEMENT :  coins . We don’t take credit cards

English guided visits only for groups (more than 10 pers) on reservation. Please contact us for more informations.


Activités en famille dans le musée.

OHLALA Quelle AventureThe museum is a member of « OHLAL.A Quelle Aventure!« , so we are able to offer to your family fun activities to share.


A playful discover is proposed to your kids inside the museum:

  • 1 discover card : in every room you gonna have to answer some questions/riddles to find hole punch in order to accomplish your mission.

Every kids could have a reward at the end of the journey.

Please check out  Plan & informations pratiques to see what we can do for your babies, because we care about them too!